Role Play Ideas For New Year’s Eve

Make your celebrations even more special!

The year is coming to an end and everyone is excited to bring in the new year. Spice up your celebrations by indulging in sexy role play for your partner. With the Christmas cheer in almost every nook and corner of the place, lighten the mood further by bringing in the new year with your partner. Opt for an indoor celebration. When we say indoor, we mean making optimum use of your bed. Moreover, imbibing role play as a part of your foreplay is going to make the activity even more kinky. Here are 5 role play ideas to make your new year’s eve hot!

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  • Sexy Santa

The perfect roleplay idea during this festive season is to dress up like your favorite Santa except, you need to look like a really hot and sultry one. Carry sex toys in your gift bag for your partner. What’s better than a kinky Santa? This will turn your partner on and also send out festive vibes.

  • Rudolf

Paint your nose red and put on some fake horns. Dress up like Rudolf! Afterall, who can resist a cute red-nosed reindeer? However, be naughty and make sure that you show your partner your wild animalistic side. Don’t wear clothes, duh! Animals don’t wear clothes, do they?

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  • Pizza Delivery Boy

Have your man go out and get pizza for dinner. In the meantime, get scantily dressed and get set to seduce him. Let him pretend to be the pizza boy. Open the door for him and behave like complete strangers who are physically attracted to one another and are looking for a hook-up. Talk dirty and pull him in. Have hot sex after which you’ll can boost your stamina by eating pizza in order to perform several more sessions of a cozy night in!

  • Police Woman

An old one but a classic, this trick will never fail to turn him on as you strip off that body-covering uniform to reveal exposing sultry lingerie. Don’t be too dominating or too submissive. Handcuff him for being too sexy. Arrest him and take him to bed.

Try any of these and you’re sure to have a hot new year’s celebration!

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