Relish And Cherish Choco Chip Ice Cream Like Never Before

Now, eat without any guilt!

Relish And Cherish Choco Chip Ice Cream Like Never Before


Melting, sweet, mouth-watering ice creams scream heaven. No matter who you are and where you come from, you love ice cream and they love you back, isn’t it? And especially in this scorching summer season, ice creams are our true saviors. Are you afraid that while you are beating the heat, you are also piling on a lot of calories?

But what if we tell you that you can continue to eat ice creams without any stress of putting on weight. Though we all enjoy heading to our favorite ice cream parlour and enjoying multiple scoops of ice cream with our friends. There is no harm in making ice cream at home and enjoying your ‘me’ time and treating your loved ones with handmade ice cream.

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1, Basic Chocolate ice cream

6 tbsp, Choco chips


Add choco chips in basic chocolate ice cream and mix the batter nicely till it comes to a volume.

Refrigerate in the fridge for five hours.

Now, serve it with chocolate chips and plain chocolate ice cream and relish to your heart’s content.

Procedure for Basic Chocolate Ice cream:


1/2 litre, Milk

1 tbsp, GMS (Glycerol monostearate) Powder

Pinch of CMC

1 tbsp, Cornflour

3 tbsp, Cocoa powder

3 tbsp, Drinking chocolate


Add all the ingredients in a big bowl.

Now, cook all the ingredients on a high flame and stir the mixture continuously.

After one boil, lower the flame and continue to cook for five minutes.

Remove from flame and rest aside for cooling.

Now, let the mixture freeze for five hours in an air-tight container bowl.



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