Relationship Quiz: Are You Ready For The Next Big Step-MARRIAGE?

Relationship Quiz: Are You Ready For The Next Big Step-MARRIAGE?

With the wedding season around, you might be feeling the guilt of either wanting a big wedding or wanting someone to get married in the first place. We feel you! You could be dating and everything is perfect, except when do you know you’re ready for the next big step aka marriage! Do you both talk about it? Or do they just propose out of the blue and you say yes because you panicked? Nope, that is not how you decide what to do with your life. Especially not with someone you really love and want to keep around forever. Here are some obvious and subtle signs that you might be ready for the whole 9-yard wedding scene with your special someone.

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You know what you’re looking for in a relationship now. Mostly them!

You’ll be over the dating scene when it hits you.

And with all of your exes and past lovers!

When something good happens – they are the first ones you tell the news unconsciously!

When you listen to others stories, you don’t seem to be missing out or feeling guilty.

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You notice people’s rings or wedding bands more. Check out that rock!

Start thinking of your future plans with them in mind. Always!

You act like a kid again with all that rush and excitement of love!

You’ve been vulnerable and also very strong around them?

Your moods sync – they sad equals you sad?

You don’t need to worry about their activities behind your back. You trust them s0 much!

If you’ve said yes to all or even half of these questions, you are definitely ready to walk down the aisle! You’re welcome!

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