Relationship Quiz: Is It Love Or Lust?

Relationship Quiz: Is It Love Or Lust?

Find out with this quiz whether it’s love or lust that’s keeping you together!

1) When we go to the movies

a) We enjoy discussing it later over a drink
b) We are too busy making out
c) We hardly ever go to the movies

2) When we go out drinking

a) We burn the floor dancing on Punjabi numbers
b) We can’t keep our hands off each other!
c) He is usually busy watching the match while drinking

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3) When I look at him, I feel…

a) Like how cute this man is
b) Like biting his lips
c) Annoying but mine…

4) How was the first time you had sex?

a) It brought us closer and the cuddling was superb
b) Wild, passionate – we tried every position!
c) I miss that moment

5) How do you hug?

a) We embrace each other tightly and warmly.
b) He hugs me from behind and I grind simultaneously
c) Hugs are sweet with him

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Mostly As: You both are very fond of each other and it seems like love is blossoming between you. You value each other and have a great chemistry too. You are as much attracted to his soul as you attracted to his biceps and abs!

Mostly Bs: It is all about the carnal pleasure you two share. The romance is defined by the physical chemistry and not emotional. It’s fun while it lasts.

Mostly Cs: You both have come a long way and are way past the honeymoon phase. However, it wouldn’t hurt to bring the romance back!

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