Why Winter Is The Ideal Season For Love-Making

Don't you simply want to get into a cosy bed, cuddle and something more with him?

Why Winter Is The Ideal Season For Love-Making

Well, the obvious answer would be ‘because IT’S COLD!’ But don’t you simply want to grab his collar and pull him into a playful but completely passionate kiss in cold winters? It is scientifically proven that colder days do affect your sex hormones, making you feel hornier than ever! Here are 5 things that make this misty, glistening, cold season ideal for love-making.

Snuggling And Cuddling


No science is required here to prove the fact we just love to cuddle and snuggle-in with our partners during winter days. It is simply like both of your bodies’ heat hums pleasantly for each other. Spend your weekend afternoons by simply cuddling with him. Eventually, let your hormones take you for a ride…

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Cosy Mornings

Cosy Mornings

Winter mornings might make it really difficult for you to get drag both of you out of your warm cosy bed – giving you a good excuse to get even cosier in his warm arms. Imagine waking up, seeing his sleepy sexy self the first thing you open your eyes. Morning sex is definitely an effortless act – you are already in bed, you are already in the mood; all you now need is to get going. This way, you will also be starting your day with an effective ‘workout’ session! *Wink! Wink!* Also, whoever thinks that morning sex is not a good deal, should definitely dig self under the layers of quilt and go back to sleep!



It is simply that everything is so pleasantly quiet! Imagine a cosy room with warm-hued decor, its fireplace blazing with warm trickling fire and an aromatic candle or two (or many more) lit and inducing hints of your favourites aroma… and only the two of you in that room. You can hear each other’s breaths in the pleasant quietness… Nothing can beat this romantic setting.

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Love-Making Ideas

And… You are ALWAYS in the mood! No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, if you are cold you simply want to be in his warm arms and kiss and make out like there is no tomorrow! It is simply the magic of cold weather that makes you yearn more and more for him.

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