Reality Check: Shattering The Most Common Beauty Myths

Reality Check: Shattering The Most Common Beauty Myths

All our lives we have been told multiple things about the dos and don’ts of hair and skin care.  And since this advice comes from our mothers, grandmothers or friends and we take it at face value. How much of it as actually proven to be correct? Have you been blindly following, what is called as, beauty myths? When it comes to skin and hair care it’s better to armed with facts rather than fiction.  So here we demystify five myths we come across on a regular basis.

  • “For every white hair you pluck, two grow back”

white hair

This is one of the most commonly heard myths, but that’s all it is, a myth. Hair follicles are separate units by themselves, so what happens to one does not necessarily happen to all of them. Nevertheless, plucking your white hair out isn’t going to stop you from turning into a silver fox. The reduction of melanin production occurs at the follicular level, so the hair that grows back will be as white as its forerunner.

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  • “Shaving will make your hair grow back faster and denser”


We have all heard this from our parlor ladies, but it’s purely a myth. Even though waxing is better than shaving as it removes your body hair from its roots, shaving does not make your hair grow back faster or denser.  Much to our pleasant revelation, hair just appears shorter and a bit stubbier which makes it seem like its growing faster and denser. So the next time you want to opt out the painful waxing, go ahead without fretting!

  • “There is no way of whitening yellow cuticles”


Have you ever been told not to paint your nails too often? It’s no secret that heavy coats of nail polish lead to yellowing of your cuticles. But don’t believe someone if they tell you that it’s impossible to reverse that effect. It’s pretty simple actually; all you need to do is make a mixture of a little hydrogen peroxide and one tbsp of baking soda in a small bowl (ensure this mixture has a pasty consistency). Apply this onto your nails using a small cotton ball. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes and wash off with warm water.  Voila, your cuticles are whiter than ever!

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  • “Your shampoo stops working if you use the same brand for a long time”


Yes, it is beneficial to change your shampoo brands every few months, but it’s not an absolute necessity nor is it due to this reason. If your hair is feeling dry and flat after regular use of one shampoo brand, don’t point fingers at the shampoo. Most of the time it’s due to the buildup of chemical products such as leave-in conditioner or serum in your hair. The reason could also be overuse of styling tools like your hair straightener or curler.

  • “Scrubbing your face with bath soaps will give you a clean and healthy glow and keep you acne free”

CWACRF Woman washing face

One of the biggest myths there is. The skin on your face is way more sensitive than the skin on your body. Scrubbing it with normal bath soaps can lead to rashes and burns, it could also lead to some scrapping. You will end up scrubbing off all the protective oils from your face leaving it completely dehydrated. Also, bath soaps have a higher Ph than your face so the soap may irritate your skin. Use a gentle foam cleanser followed by a moisturizer on your face and always pat-dry with a smooth towel.

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