What Is The REAL Significance of Mangalsutras?

What Is The REAL Significance of Mangalsutras?

Ever wondered why Indian married women wear a Mangalsutra? Why do women wear Mangalsutras only after marriage? Is there any religious belief behind wearing Mangalasutra? Or any scientific importance to wearing a Mangalasutra around your neck? Here’s the real significance of this special chain in every Indian married woman’s life.

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Scientific Beliefs?


Gold used in making Mangalsutras is a good source of positive energy and helps capture and restore good energy in a woman’s body. It also boosts your natural beauty and makes a bride look elegant and graceful on her wedding day.

Religious Beliefs?

Religious Beliefs

One of the most important rituals during a Hindu wedding in India is the Mangalsutra ritual. After promising to live and cherish each other for 7 lives, the groom ties the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. Mangalsutras are a symbol of ‘Suhag’ (a woman whose husband is still alive) and hence every married Indian woman wears it.

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Based on astrology, the gold in the Mangalsutra is under the influence of the Guru planet. It is a symbol of gold, prosperity, wealth and knowledge in your marital life. The black beads are considered as a symbol of Saturn. The planet Saturn represents durability and integrity in the relationship. So with the combination of Guru and Saturn, the Mangalsutra acts as a symbol of your future relationship.

Other Beliefs


It is also said that Mangalsutras are worn to ward off evil energy on the bride’s wedding day. The black beads/ pearls are a symbol of blocking any negative energy from outside on their marriage. The Mangalsutra is high in positive energy. It repels any bad energy or evil eye upon her and/or the groom on the wedding day. It is an indicator of a bond made eternally among the bride and groom to stay united in love.

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