How To Be Ready Within 15 Minutes In The Morning

No more getting late!

How To Be Ready Within 15 Minutes In The Morning

How often have you woken up at an alarming time and realised you have to get ready in a magically short span? The pain of being thrown on a deadline before you even reach work is, to say the least, dreadfully relatable. If you can’t (and don’t want to) sacrifice arriving to work in full grace, follow these tips to get ready withing 15 minutes!

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You will thank your decision-making ability if you pick the outfit the night before. We usually tend to spend an avoidable amount of time in staring at the closet, with a slow, half-asleep brain that refuses to make a quick choice. Also, in emergencies pick out your no-brainer, go-to shirt – the one your friends feel you wear like too often! Even better if it doesn’t need ironing.


Save more minutes in your morning routine by double-booking your time – brush your teeth while in the shower. Also, don’t expect to wash your hair in the morning and still reach on time. Shampoo in the night before, you won’t have time to blow-dry before work.

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If your hair is in total mess, straighten just the ends and fringes a bit for a more natural fall. It will be done in a whim and no one will know you did a 60-sec express grooming.  Also, know your knots and buns really well.


Don’t set out to experiment and follow what your makeup brush knows by-heart. Use products with easy packaging – stick foundations, pencil liners, etc. It will be easier to apply and you won’t have to wait for your liner to dry. Do the extras on the go, like applying lipstick, compact powder and blush. These are fairly easy things to do on wheels.


Multi-tasking is the procrastinator’s life-saving technique. Brew your coffee or let your tea cook on simmer flame while you take a shower. You can eat your breakfast in easy installments while you get ready or take it on the go.

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