Re-Discover India With These Fascinating Sarees

With its ability to be warming in winter, and cooling in summer, its professional and aesthetically stylish appearance yet its utility, the saree developed to be the most suitable attire for Indian women.

Re-Discover India With These Fascinating Sarees




At more than 5,000 years of existence, the Indian saree is considered to be the oldest form of a garment in the world still in existence. The Vedas – among the oldest literature composed by mankind – mentions it, and records from the Indus Valley Civilization (3300–1300 B.C.E.) also indicate its usage at the time. Yet it being ancient has in no way impacted its popularity. Still omnipresent on ramps at leading fashion shows, in Bollywood, on streets of rural and urban India, on hip college students and their conservative grandmothers – the saree is as entrenched in our culture as it ever was.

While there exists a professional or classical style of draping a saree, there are more than 80 variations of it across the subcontinent. There’s the pleatless Bengali and Odia styles, the Kodagu style saree which is a back to front version of the classic style, the two-piece Malayali version, and so on. Variations also exist depending on the kind of fabric, as well as on methods of weaving that have been used. Hence there are the tie-dye Bandhani sarees, Chanderi cotton sarees and the numerous silk saree varieties including the Kanchipuram, Banarasi and Mysore sarees.

New Woman has curated all these purely traditional sarees of the different states of the country…

Uttar Pradesh: Gorgeous Banarasi Silk Sarees

 Indian Sarees  Indian Sarees  Indian Sarees

West Bengal: Elegant Dhakai Jamdanis

 Indian Sarees  Indian Sarees


Madhya Pradesh: Simple yet beautiful Chanderi and Maheshwari Sarees


rawapsamcnajp13-1 chanderi1

Bihar: Raw Bhagalpuri Tussar Sarees

goddess-grey-pink-bhagalpuri-silk-saree goddess-pink-bhagalpuri-silk-saree goddess-yellow-brown-bhagalpuri-silk-saree

Tamil Nadu: Breathtaking Kanjeevaram Sarees

kanchipuram sarees Kanji1 Kanji2 Lehenga-style-pattu-blouse-design Nalli kanchi

Orissa: Geometric Bomkai Sarees


Kerala: Chic Kasavu Sarees

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Andhra Pradesh: Vibrant Pochampalli Sarees

paithani patola4

Maharashtra: Offbeat Paithani Sarees


Rajasthan: Intricate Bandhni Sarees

bandhni1 red-unique-kutchhi-bandhni-printed-party-wear-sadi-with-blouse-h16186-d6d

Assam: Colourful Muga Silk Sarees

muga4  Indian Sarees  Indian Sarees

Gujarat: Ghatchola Sarees

 Indian Sarees  Indian Sarees





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