Quiz Time: Have You Found Your Sex Soulmate?

Quiz Time: Have You Found Your Sex Soulmate?

Sex is meant to be great and pleasurable for both parties involved, so if you’re not enjoying it, there’s no point. While some of you lucky people might have already found your sex soulmate, others could be still wondering if ‘he’s the one’. Here are some questions that will help you understand if you’ve found your sexual soulmate or not.

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Question 1: How often do you have sex?

  1. Once a week counts?
  2. Once a month – if we meet
  3. Everyday!

Question 2: Is he enthusiastic in bed to try new things?

  1. Not always
  2. Sometimes if he is in the mood
  3. We’ve tried everything and anything!

Question 3: Do you both like the same kinks/ fetishes/roleplay ideas?

  1. Not really, and he doesn’t even try
  2. Sometimes but not always
  3. Yes, that’s how we both connected!

Question 4: Is there enough foreplay involved everytime you have sex?

  1. Not really, he just gets right into it
  2. Sometimes if he’s in the mood.
  3. Always! No sex without foreplay!

Question 5: Do they listen to your advice in bed on how to pleasure you?

  1. Never, he shuts me down
  2. Sometimes but only if I listen to his orders first.
  3. Always since it helps you both enjoy the sex.

Question 6: Do you orgasm every time you guys have sex?

  1. Not really but I let it go.
  2. Frequently
  3. Always, we make sure we both orgasm.

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Mostly A’s

It’s time to look for someone else! Your partner is clearly not satisfying you enough or for that matter not at all. They’re selfish and unbothered about you. You deserve a lover who knows how to take care of you and pleasure you in bed at all times.

Mostly B’s

It’s all in the technique. You are still figuring out what you like and what is okay in this relationship. Things are not bad but they’re not that great either. Keep pushing and prodding and we’re sure you’ll emerge victorious with your partner.

Mostly C’s

YOU HAVE FOUND THEM! Rejoice and make merry. You have the man and you better keep him satisfied because he clearly is satisfying you. You have phenomenal sex, always orgasm and get to experience new things in bed every time. What more could you ask for?

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