Your scalp is likely to get messy and sweaty after a high intensity workout. Follow these pro-tips to get shiny, lustrous locks post-workout.

1. Reduce the frequency of washing

Hair wash is the most common mistake women commit after workout. Excessive shampooing after every single workout extracts the natural oils and leaves your scalp dry and scanty. Hair needs to be washed not more than thrice a week.

2. Use dry shampoo

Apply dry shampoo to the roots of your hair to control the sweating from your scalp. Dry shampoo keeps your mane clean, absorbs oil and prevents excessive moisture.

3. Avoid tying it tight

Women generally tie their hair tight in a ponytail or bun to avoid inconvenience from sweaty bangs or shorter layers during workout. This can lead to pulling of hair and breakage. Avoid securing your hair in tight rubber bands; opt for clips, bobby pins or thick soft cotton headbands instead.

4. Style it right

Treating your hair in relaxed styles like a high ponytail, fish tail, loose bun, top knot or side/French braid helps maintain the volume of hair and keeps it healthy. Ensure that your tresses are tied loose enough to prevent any damage to your strands.

5. Blow-dry your hair

Post-blow-drying, section your hair and dry them out using a round brush to keep your mane away from any nasty sweat residue after workout. Unravel the strands gently with your fingers.


1. Comb or brush your tresses gently post-workout, as sweating leads to tangling and knotting.

2. Wearing a hat or cap while exercising doesn’t allow your sweat to evaporate easily. Leave your head open and let your tresses dry after workout.

3. If you have to wash your hair, simply rinse it with lukewarm water or condition the ends to freshen up the look post-workout. Avoid hot showers to prevent dryness and damage.

4. Spritz a little moisturizing spray or use a hair sunscreen, if you are exercising outdoors.

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