See How Pee Cee And Sofie Took Twinning On A New Level!

First with Tom Hiddleton, now with Sofia Vegara. Twinning...our desi gal has learnt the rule of game, totally!!

See How Pee Cee And Sofie Took Twinning On A New Level!



Oops, she has done it again! Two seasons in NYC, One successful telly series, one People’s Choice award, a handful of A-list talk shows, presence in almost all top award shows and whoa, Priyanka Chopra has nailed the art of being in the news for all good and not-so-good reasons! Recently we have seen her coochy-cooing with Hollywood star Tom Hiddleton at the Emmys. Everybody went gaga about how they were openly flirting at the backstage of the award and lost in each-other’s eyes at the after party. Bur nothing happened after the party was over except the fact that Pee Cee was in the international page-3 for quite a few days. Now the same thing has happened again. In the Golden Globes yesterday, Pee Cee was twinning with Hollywood bombshell Sofia Vergara. Both were wearing golden outfits with plunging necklines and were displaying their assets properly and at the same time were bonded like Siamese twins! They were posing together, laughing out loud at each other’s jokes and even adjusting each-others gowns at the elevator! Just take a look of the following pics and the video which Priyanka has shared on her insta account, of the night and you will learn how Pee Cee is rocking the ‘how to be in the limelight’ game!

priyanka chopra
Priyanka and Sofia in different mood

Now take a look of the epic video, which Pee Cee has posted on her insta account.

#GoldenGlobes @sofiavergara

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