Priyanka Chopra Faces Criticism For Calling Sikkim Insurgency-Hit

Social Media Users are furious at the actress for referring to Sikkim as insurgency-hit with the State-Government!

Priyanka Chopra Faces Criticism For Calling Sikkim Insurgency-Hit

Our diva, Piggy Chops has yet again managed to fall prey to a controversy, this time a political one. It all started when the actress referred to Sikkim as an insurgency-hit area with the state-government. It goes without saying that her statement would have hurt a lot of sentiments of those who hail from Sikkim. She received tremendous backlash on her comment with people declaring her as a politically unaware and illiterate individual. Many went on to dismiss her statement as politically incorrect.

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UGen T gyatso

Ugen T. Gyatso- Sikkim Tourism Minister

Priyanka Chopra immediately wrote an e-mail to the Sikkim Tourism Minister Ugen T Gyatso stating,  “In no way I wanted to hurt the sentiments of the people of Sikkim. My comment was misunderstood,” as reported by Sikkim Tourism Secretary C Zangpo. Furthermore, she also wrote, “I am fully aware that Sikkim is an incredible host nation to so many refugees and our film shows exactly that through the children’s point of view.” The state did not end matters here and demanded for another well-explained apology from the actress.


Poster of the film Pahuna

‘Pahuna’, a film directed by Pakhi Tyrrewala which was produced under the banner of Priyanka Chopra’s production house called Purple Pebble was screened at the Toronto Film Festival. The film revolves around the story of two Nepalese children who were displaced in Sikkim due to the prevalent political conflict in the North East. Prior to the film’s release, she had said that this is the first Sikkimese film to release and is extremely excited about it. In an interview with ET Canada, the actress said that Sikkim is a small north-eastern state in India and has never been exposed to the film industry as it is a very troubled nation.


Madhu Chopra lighting the lamp with Sikkim Tourism Minister Gyatso

To this as well, she faced the wrath of many. Bisawtosh Sinha, an Assamese screenwriter replied to her on twitter by posting, “Dear Priyanka Chopra, Sikkim is a peaceful place and #Pahuna is not the first film from the region. Please get the facts right about Northeast.”   Gyatso said, “We are deeply sad with the disappointing comment that Priyanka Chopra made about the state. We strongly condemn her statements.”

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Madhu Chopra

Chairman of Sikkim Film Board Uttam Reesi Pradhan took a dig at Priyanka’s general knowledge saying, “How can a well read and a responsible person refer to Sikkim in such a way. Sikkim is a part of India which is just general knowledge. If she was not sure about something then she should have referred to some GK books. There has been no refugee problem in Sikkim and she as a youth icon should have known that.” Matters have finally pacified as the ‘Quantico’ actress’s mother apologised to the Minister as well.

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