Here Is How To Prevent Sweat Patches Near Your Underarms

Maintain your underarm hygiene!

Here Is How To Prevent Sweat Patches Near Your Underarms

During summer, it is hard to avoid sweat patches, especially the nastier ones which glare through your clothes near the underarms and embarrass you. Get ready to deal with it.

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  • Clothes

Sweat Patches

Wear clothes that let your skin breathe—preferably cotton or linen. They are natural fabrics and are less likely to develop stains. Avoid wearing synthetic ones like nylon, rayon and polyester, etc., as they tend to trap heat and cause the body to sweat more.

  • Deodarant

Sweat Patches

Use an anti-perspirant along with the deodorant. While the former will curb the excessive sweating, the latter will mask smelly armpits.

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  • Water

Sweat Patches

Drink as much water as you can, especially on hot sunny days. It flushes your system and keeps you hydrated.

  • Diet

Sweat Patches

Try and avoid spicy foods as they trigger the sweat glands and make you sweat more.

  • Care

Sweat Patches

Wash your underarms twice daily with antibacterial soap and warm water. This will remove any sweat residue and keep your armpits fresh and clean.

  • Exfoliate

Sweat Patches

Exfoliate your armpits and remove the hair to avoid excess sweating and build up from old deodorant.

7 Wet wipes:

Sweat Patches

 Use wet wipes or even makeup-removing pads as these instantly freshen up your underarms.

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