3 Tips To Prevent Sweat Damage To Your Hair

3 Tips To Prevent Sweat Damage To Your Hair

Sweating heavily is often considered a sign of a good workout session. But not for your hair! Perspiration actually is more harmful to your hair than you think. Sweat is a combination of water and salts with some compounds of proteins. When you sweat and your hair gets wet, it is prone to damage and breakage more than usual. It also makes your hair lose shine and colors faster. Sweating too much actually hinders hair growth and harm your hair texture after every gym session. Here are some things you need to remember to take care of your hair before, during and after working out.

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Sweat Damage

Before Workout

Use a leave-in conditioner that acts as a barrier between your sweat and hair strands. The best thing is to use a deep conditioner overnight and wash it off with cold water the next morning.

During Workout

Ready to workout? Don’t be harsh on your hair and go for a tight ponytail. Wear a clean cotton hairband or headband that can absorb your sweat from the hair. Opt for a slightly loose braid or go for a low ponytail. This helps keep your hair off your face and also prevents any damage to the roots or breaks in your hair.

After Workout

Your post-workout routine needs to include your hair as well. Washing your hair with cold water will help soothe it and cool your hair down from all the activity and strenuous exercise. And if you can’t do a cold shower then use dry shampoo to calm your hair down and absorb sweat and oils.

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