Post Workout Skincare Routine

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Post Workout Skincare Routine

An hour-long routine of daily exercise is needed by the body to burn the calories. Sweating it out helps you stay fit. However, do you take care of your skin post workout? It is important to do so or the sweat and oil if left uncleaned may lead to acne formation. Here are a few ways to take care of your skin after exercising.

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  • Tip 1


The combination of sweat, oil and dirt can lead to breakouts, especially if your skin is sensitive. So make sure to wipe off all the sweat from your body as well as your face.

  • Tip 2


Avoid touching your face with your hands as it is susceptible to irritation. Keep two separate towels at hand; one for the body and the other for your face.

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  • Tip 3


A refreshing warm water shower helps in detoxing your skin. A moisturising soap works best to gently remove dirt and perspiration. In addition, a few drops of aroma oil in your bath will ensure that your skin does not end up being dry and stretched.

  • Tip 4 

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Post your shower, nourish and protect your skin with a light body lotion enriched with almond, neem and apricot oil.

  • Tip 5


Using baby powder on your body, especially on the sensitive areas, will absorb the excess oil from the skin’s surface and combat perspiration too.

  • Tip 6


To make your body smell good, opt for a light, floral perfume.

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