Planning To Travel With A Toddler? Know How To Keep It Exciting

Don't let the thought of travelling with a baby on a plane intimidate you! Follow our travel tips to keep your baby safe, healthy, happy, and well-rested on trips.

Planning To Travel With A Toddler? Know How To Keep It Exciting

Pack several small novel toys and books that your child hasn’t seen before: The best bets for travel books at this age are ones with lift-the-flaps or touch-and-feel textures. Consider swapping toys with a friend so your child has something new and exciting without buying more toys.

Come armed with your child’s favourite low-mess snacks: The pureed foods sold in a tube are great for travel – older babies and toddler can suck them right out of the tube, saving you the trouble of messing with a spoon.

Dress your baby for quick and easy diaper changes: My favourite combo is a onesie with leggings, which gives you quick access to the diaper without removing socks, shoes, pants.

You simply can’t protect a baby, especially a mobile one, from germs while travelling: If it makes you feel better, wipe down your tray table and arm rests with a baby wipe. You will drive yourself and your child crazy trying to keep her from touching potentially germy surfaces, which is every surface on planes and in airports. Wash your hands and your child’s hands when possible.

Slow down, change your mindset: This is probably the most important baby travel tip of all – slow down! Don’t try to replicate the way you used to travel before baby. Things are different now, so try not to squeeze too many activities or sightseeing into one day. Plan your big activity or adventure in the morning when everyone is fresh and recharged.


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