How To Have A Perfect, Romantic Wedding Night

Your first night is, undoubtedly, the most beautiful and much-awaited moment of your life. Check out these tips to make it MEMORABLE.

Get romantic: Sex on your wedding night is not complete without enough love and romance. And the best way to express your love and please your partner is with a sweet surprise. Roses, sexy lingerie or a bottle of wine are some of the ideas.

Communicate: Post the marriage ceremony, don’t hit the bed directly once you two are alone in the bedroom. Spend some quality time with each other – talking about likes/dislikes, expectations and more. It is more important to get comfortable with your partner
to build an emotional connect.

Indulge in foreplay: Start slowly by cuddling, kissing or whispering sweet-nothings into your man’s ear. The wedding night is more about expressing your love. It is about taking your relationship with your spouse to a greater level and creating the most beautiful memories.

Be physically ready: Brides who are virgins need not be scared of bleeding and pain. It is important for you to be physically ready and well lubricated if you plan to go all out on the first night. However, do not feel disappointed if you’re unable to continue for some reason.

Deal with oops moments: There might be some embarrassing moments on your first night such as unclothing, the little mess of fluids, especially after the act. It’s prudent to ignore or laugh out at the awkward situation with ease.


How To Make Your First Night Sexy