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People Share Their Most Awkward Sexting Stories

Sexting can be very fun for two users and will bring spice to your relationship but when things go wrong, there’s almost no escape from the embarrassment. Here are some people who braved to share their most awkward sexting moments:

  • “I was on the phone with my long-distance boyfriend, messaging him pictures while also texting about work with a girl from school. So I took a picture of my ~downstairs~, and my boyfriend said, ‘I didn’t get anything.’ That’s when I realized my worst nightmare had come true: I sent the picture of myself to this girl. I screamed into the phone, apologizing to her immediately. She was cool about it, but I hope I never run into her.”


  • “My boyfriend and I are in school, and though we’re waiting to do the dirty, we sometimes sext. The day after our most explicit conversation, his parents (who are super conservative) decided to check his phone. Instead of having a talk with their son, they drove to my house and had a long chat with my parents, complete with screenshots of our texts. We haven’t sexted since.
  • “When my husband and I started dating, I still lived with my parents. One morning he tried to sext me on his way to work, but accidentally sent it to my parents’ landline. My dad answered the phone at 6:30 a.m., where a robotic voice said, ‘You’ve been a bad girl! Go to my room for punishment and fun!’ My dad thought it was hilarious. I was mortified.”
  • “One time my guy texted me saying, Mom, I’d love to see you touch yourself. Stupid autocorrect. He meant to say ‘Mmm’ instead of Mom. That killed the mood.”


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  • “I got a text from an unknown number. It was a detailed — and misspelled — account of things this guy wanted to be done to him by a girl he’d met the night before. It took me hours to tell the poor guy she’d probably given him a fake number, and that I was 14 and he’d probably end up in trouble if anyone else saw the text.”
  • “I went on a trip to Australia for four weeks, so one night I sent my boyfriend a fully nude Snapchat, only to get a message a minute later from him saying, ‘Did you know you posted that on your story?’ Three people saw it before I took it down: my best friend, my boyfriend, and…his brother.”

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  • “I was messaging a guy about him coming to see me the next weekend. He said he wanted to know how excited I was, so I texted that I was ‘dripping with anticipation,’ which would have been an awesome line, except five minutes later I realized that I hadn’t texted him — I had sexted my boss. The next day at work was really awkward.”


  • “My husband had been working abroad and was on his way home. I sent him a text detailing what I was going to do to him when he got back. Unfortunately, I actually sent the message to his mom, who I’d been texting to let her know her son would be back that night. My life flashed before my eyes when I saw that typing bubble. She saw the funny side, though, and said she was glad to know her son was happy.”

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