How To Pack Your Trekking Backpack Efficiently

If travelling is on the cards, choose what you need wisely, then pack the bag efficiently for a lighter, more comfortable load. Here's how.

How To Pack Your Trekking Backpack Efficiently

Keep it in Order

Experienced backpackers say that while you’re packing and repacking you should learn where the best place to keep everything is. Different coloured plastic bags help to keep everything in place, and dry. What’s most important is to keep the things you use most often readily accessible. When the rain comes you don’t want to be scrabbling in your backpack for half an hour searching for your backpack rain cover.

Less is more 

Most backpackers will try to take more than they really need. So if you have your stuff spread out on the floor, go through again and again, and ask yourself if you really need this and that. If it’s your first backpacking trip the decisions can be difficult, after all, nobody wants to be unprepared.

Keep it light

It is crucial that the heavy objects are not kept at the bottom of the backpack. For the most comfort and stability, put the weight at the top, preferably between the shoulder blades and as close as possible to your back so the backpack doesn’t cause extra strain in pulling away from you. This will also secure the backpack and stop it wobbling back and forth.

If you’re hiking extreme, rough terrain then it can sometimes be useful to place the heavier stuff a bit further down. This will mean you can concentrate your focus deeper on where you’re walking and you’ll have a firmer foothold.

What not to Bring

Avoid white clothes as they are going to get turn grey and dirty while on the trip. Also, keep your accessorising minimal and just a watch would be great. you’ll use an item regularly, leave it at home.

Important Small Things to Carry 

Earplugs and scarfs are a real miracle and can be really helpful anytime during the trip.When many hostels don’t allow sleeping bags in their dormitories so a lining is a simple way to use your own bedding on top of what you’re provided with. Meanwhile, flip flops are not only great for coping with the heat outside, they’re also useful when you’re indulging in the communal showers.




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