OMG, Pee Cee Has Hired Beyonce’s Makeup Artist For NYFW!




Priyanka Chopra was absolutely glowing with her perfect highlight at the Marc Jacobs fashion show in NYFW. She got her stunning looks done by pop diva Beyonce Knowles’s go-to makeup artist!

Sir John is a very famous and talented makeup artist. He did Beyonce‘s makeup for the Grammys, where she looked like a golden goddess. He translated Bey’s glowing look into the perfect highlight on Quantico star Priyanka Chopra for New York Fashion Week. Her skin looked absolutely amazing, accentuated with that highlighter on her cheekbones. Sir John is a L’Oréal Paris Celebrity Makeup Artist. He frequently uses the True Match Liquid Lumi Illuminator for a golden glow on his clients! Apply it high on the cheekbones to get this look. Blend with your fingers.

Her lips were matte and full, her brows were filled in and gorgeous, and her eyes were sexy and dramatic — heavily lined with long lashes. Just perfection! Her hair was up in a high, textured ponytail, styled by Jennifer Johnson. Jennifer works as a stylist on Quantico as well! Priyanka is a Pantene brand ambassador, so you can get look with their very affordable shampoo and conditioner from the drugstore!

Priyanka was wearing a white and gold button up shirt from Marc Jacobs. A bow at the neck made the look girly and flirty. She draped a blue fur coat over her shoulders — AMAZING.

We loved this entire look, head to toe!

New Woman Team

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