OMG! Kapil Sharma Gate-Crashed King Khan’s Party!

Kapil Sharma reminisced a time when he and his cousin gatecrashed this star's party and ended up staying there for two hours! He was 'vocal' in KWK like never before!

OMG! Kapil Sharma Gate-Crashed King Khan’s Party!

It’s strange, watching Kapil Sharma and Karan Johar in one frame, on a talk show. While Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Nights is arguably one of the most popular TV show in India right now, in terms of TRP ratings, Koffee with Karan, has a certain bourgeois charm about it. Yet, in spite of language barriers (it was evident that Karan is more comfortable with English, at least on the show, given it has always aired on Star World, and Kapil seemed to be more comfortable in Hindi), this episode is filled with several LOL moments.

In fact, just as the episode began, and hello/hi-s were conveyed, he said, “I have maxed out my English. Ab hindi mein baat karein?” Kapil further went on to say he has 700 words of English in his vocabulary.

Speaking of celebrities, Karan made Kapil recall a time when he gatecrashed a party hosted by a very famous superstar and it was none other than Shah Rukh Khan.

The incident took place during the now infamous tweet to the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi by Kapil. His cousin had come to Mumbai and since she was an SRK fan she wanted to see Mannat. Kapil took her there and the gates were open. When the security saw that it was Sharma, they assumed that he was a guest and let him inside the house and in the process, Kapil gatecrashed SRK’s party which happened when Dilwale released. Kapil felt extremely odd and told his cousin that we should leave and just as they were about to, Kapil encountered with SRK’s wife Gauri Khan. Gauri welcomed him and must have thought that Shah Rukh may have invited him. Kapil then met up with SRK who was dancing at the party and he welcomed him with open arms and that is how Kapil ended up spending two hours at the house. He also recalls apologising to Shah Rukh again and again but SRK told him that no one knows you weren’t invited so just enjoy the party.

Karan did a good job of making it seem like he’s jealous of Kapil Sharma for being more popular a host than him, and having a more popular show. He also asked Kapil where he gets his humour from. “My parents,” came the immediate answer.

Karan then skirted over the issue of his controversial tweet where he tagged PM Modi in a status and asked about “acche din”. To this, Kapil said, “because he’s our prime minister, we all have certain expectations from him. That’s all,” but he further added, “I feel like Twitter is very dangerous. Mr Modi should introduce a situation where people who sign up for Twitter should be given a legitimate licence. Koi bhi moo uthake aa jata hai.”

As most episodes of Koffee with Karan go, Johar went on to ask Kapil, “so what do you for sex?” Sharma was visibly awkward with the question, and said, “is this… Koffee with Karan, or something else with Karan?”

It was a hilarious episode indeed.


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