Is It Okay To Fantasise About Other Men?

Oh, yes! It is, in fact, absolutely natural and healthy to fantasise about other men.

Is It Okay To Fantasise About Other Men?

Have you ever fantasised about another man? Have you ever felt aroused imagining a chance encounter with a stranger? So many times you must have pondered if you are being dishonest and disloyal to your partner. The answer wouldn’t come easy, but here are some facts that will help you understand things better.

Scientific And Natural

Fantasise About Other Men

Obviously, it is all scientific! Your body and your mind (can also be termed as ‘personality’ here) are what make you ‘you’. Obviously, it is impossible for one single person to get attracted to everyone, but your body and your personality makes your attracted towards a certain category or categories of people. Thinking about being in love with someone else and just fantasising about that someone else are very two different things. Psychologists say that it is absolutely fine and very much natural tendency of someone getting attracting to other men/women out of their relationship or wedlock. It is simple that you just like the other person’s personality.

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Psychologist, marriage counsellors, etc. believe that if someone is not at all attracted to someone else other than his/her partner, there are chances of that person to have some issues such as being territorial, over-protectiveness, being obsessive about the partner, etc., especially when that person feels completely indifferent on seeing or meeting a physically and/or intellectual better personality than his/her partner. It is a big ‘red alert’ sign! The experts claim that showing signs such as gossiping lightly about someone hot newbie in town, or gushing over a sexy celeb, or mildly crushing over someone (even just intellectually) is actually a health sign of a healthy mentality of yours.

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It Helps In Strengthening Your Romance

fantasising someone

As weird and contradicting as it may sound, fantasising about other man can actually help in strengthening and preserving your bond with your partner. Taking the previous two points in consideration, it is actually okay to say that fantasising someone else can actually prove to be a sign of healthy mentality. Also, when it comes to relationships, when it all is in moderation (obviously) it is quite healthy for your current relationship too – it will make you see why your partner is different, make your partner feel a little territorial, which (when everything is in the right amount) will actually catalyse your relationship towards stronger future. Well, at the end of the day, you and your partner can also get to tease and laugh about each other’s crushes.

NOTE: This all ‘strengthening your romance’ fact can be only possible if you both are verbal as well as very open-minded about it.

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