How To Oil Your Hair The Right Way

New Woman tells you the right way of oiling your hair for the optimum benefit.

Oil is very messy but, we all know how it benefits hair. Simply applying oil may not give you utmost benefits of oiling and so New Woman tells you the right way of oiling for optimum benefit.

Heat before applying: Lukewarm oil helps stimulate hair follicles so always make sure that you heat the oil before applying it.

Don’t pour on your head: When oiling your hair, don’t dump the liquid on your head. Instead, dip your fingers in the oil (if it’s in a bottle, take it out in a small bowl), make partitions of your hair with your fingers and gently apply the oil with your fingertips. Don’t forget your tips, they do not receive any nutrients from your scalp.

Use adequate quantity: Greasy hair does not equate to a higher nutrient quantity for your hair. The more the oil, the higher the shampoo quantity to wash it off.

Massage hair: There’s a high likelihood that the way you’re oiling your hair is causing them to break. Rubbing oil onto the scalp with your palm will most likely break hair, rather massage hair for 10-15 minutes it will not only improve blood circulation but also have a calming effect. Don’t fight with your tresses, it’s your scalp you’re dealing with.

The longer the better: Sure, it sounds icky, but it’s best to leave oil in your hair overnight so it can fully absorb all the nutrients. However, leaving it on for more than 24 hours will only attract dirt and weaken hair.

Steam hair: After applying the oil, steam it with a hot towel, this will help hair absorb the oil. Leaving it on for 10 minutes should be enough. Be sure the towel isn’t too hot though, too much heat can harm the hair shaft.


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