Numerology Number 7: People Born On The 7th, 16th And 25th Of Any Month

Numerology Number 7: People Born On The 7th, 16th And 25th Of Any Month

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  • Number 7

Birth dates- 7th, 16th and 25th.

  • Personality

These individuals are deep thinkers and are extremely intelligent. They are introverts and find it difficult to mingle around socially. They do not trust the spoken word easily. Individuals dominated by number 7 are said to be spiritual, not religious. Furthermore, they have an extremely unconventional perspective on life. They question life in a way no other individuals can. Hence, their views may be affected by intuitive ideas, thought processes and various other insights invisible to others. They are extremely secretive and have the ability to survive alone or with a small friend circle. Money means nothing to them. They are not prone to making decisions depending on financial situations.

  • Personal Relations

Exceptionally intellectual in nature, these people may come across as opinionated and dominating. As partners, they might tend to get overprotective as a result of having very few people close to them which they’d be afraid to lose. They love to win arguments and tend to behave like ‘know it alls’ which might annoy their partners. Furthermore, they need someone who is tolerant and patient due to their demanding nature. These individuals lack emotional availability. Hence, they can be handled only by a few.

  • Compatibility

Number 7 individuals would be able to lead a good relationship with number 4 individuals who are practical individuals and know how to handle situations as well as people with diplomacy. They do not believe in indulging in arguments which would prove to be a positive point in making the relationship work. Number 7 individuals too tend to be stable when in company of such people.

  • Suitable Careers

High in intellect, these individuals would serve well in sectors which needs sharp observing powers and an alert mind. They have a good physique. All this would help them in working for military and police force or even secret and intelligence services. On the other hand, some of them might end up in an educational field which would provide them with the opportunity to spread their wisdom and teach. Only a few choose the creative field.

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  • Famous Faces

You share your birthday with Katrina Kaif, Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor.

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