When You Have Nothing In Common With Your Partner

There's more in common after all!

When You Have Nothing In Common With Your Partner

Your partner likes video games and fancy cars. You like reading novels and shopping. Maybe you both have not much in common and conversations can feel very limited. Having nothing in common with your partner can be a good thing because after all, opposites attract!

Explore each other’s interests

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Now since you both know you’re two completely different people, why not try understanding each other a little better? Make an effort to listen to him talk about his interests and ensure he does the same with you so you both can realize your passion for these things. You may both have different professions or studying different things, so why not try to teach your partner a little of what you do?


Do something new to both of you

New movie releases or a new restaurant you haven’t been to are great ways of bonding and making memories together. Try to search new activities to do as a couple, like dance classes or working out or workshops; there are many activities you can choose from!

Surprise each other

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Not just gifts, you can also surprise him with gestures! Maybe write a list of reasons you love him, including his personality traits and the way he looks. If you do want to get him a gift, you can always get him something he likes like food, chocolates, perfume or clothes.

Discuss each other’s past

Take a trip down memory lane with each other and get insight into his past. What was he like in school? How did he look? Any embarrassing yet funny memories? Put it all out on the table to increase your compatibility and you’ll soon have your own inside jokes to laugh at in the future.

Be intimate


Not just sex, try to be physically intimate as well! Give random kisses and hugs and make sure you cuddle a lot. Don’t shy away from showing physical affection, it’s a very important aspect of making a relationship long-lasting. A little PDA never hurt anybody so do show your affection outside the four walls of your house as well!


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