How To Not Gain Weight This Party Season

How To Not Gain Weight This Party Season

Between RSVP to party invites and arranging one at your home, here are some health tips from fitness experts to take one thing off your plate to worry about. New Woman brings to you health hacks you can use to cruise through the party season without turning into a worry wart.

Eat before the party

healthy food

What’s a party without delicious foods, right? As much as all of us would love to indulge in those somewhat unhealthy foods, an empty stomach while arriving at a party can do more damage than good. Zumba Master Trainer for India Sucheta Pal explains that it’s easy to forget to eat as we take at least a couple of hours to get ready for the party with the perfect dress, make-up, and hairdo. “Eating something healthy before we arrive can not only go a long way in helping us enjoy the party without starving but also help us enjoy better as a full stomach would mean food isn’t on your mind,” Pal explains.

Dance away


Most parties are likely to involve at least some amount of dancing. In her book, The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit, Namrata Purohit, a celebrity fitness trainer and Pilates instructor writes that even activities like shopping will help you burn some calories. “In fact, dancing for a few hours at end, which is the norm at parties, will help you lose more than probably 30-40 mins at the gym,” Purohit says.
Choosing to move more consciously can help you burn more calories reveals Pal. She suggests, “Try holding your navel to the spine and your core will be more engaged thereby helping you burn a few more calories. But the trick here is to keep breathing all the while!”

Sneak in workouts to your routine


Namrata believes it is always better to do something than nothing; be it 5 minutes of skipping before you hop into the shower or a quick 10-min ab workout, anything is good. “Log on to YouTube and get going. However, just ensure that the person who you are following is a certified trainer or at least well know.” If that doesn’t work, a few relaxing stretches before you hit the sack or even while at the office can go a long way, Purohit adds.

Keep your alcohol in check


Holidays and parties often revolve around some amount of alcohol too. Purohit explains that while it is completely okay to indulge in a glass or two of wine, going overboard will not only leave you hung-over the next morning, but also mean too much calorie intake, plus don’t forget to add the calories you pile on with the aerated drinks you use as mixers!

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

“Staying hydrated is of utmost importance regardless. But when it comes to party season, staying hydrated means you have glowing skin and at the same time combat the dehydration from consuming alcohol,” Purohit states.

Choose the right kind of sin


The saying ‘choose the lesser of the two evils’ is almost perfect when we indulge in desserts. “At a party use your discernment and choose a dessert that is less harmful. For example, a doughnut is a lot more unhealthy than a custard that is made with probably brown sugar or jaggery,” advises Sucheta.

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Moderation is key

food or alcohol

Be it food or alcohol, moderation is cardinal, Pal and Purohit both insist. Portion control will not only keep you from overindulging but also avoid the guilt trip the day after. A not-so-secret hack that has worked for several is to keep holding on to your glass or plate while socializing. According to therapists, it keeps us conscious from reaching out to another portion of food.

Head to the gym, there is no spot reduction


Pal explains that no matter what there is no spot reduction and one should stay away from trainers who claim so, she adds, “As much as we all would love to tone our bodies in a week or two, it is a continuous process and we need to keep at it to see results.” It is okay to skip the gym provided you compensate for it in some form she specifies.

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Take a break!



After all, the season is about enjoying and finally, there is nothing one needs more than taking a relaxing break to enjoy to the fullest. So kick off those shoes and get into the bubble bath with soothing music, or head to the spa for some serious pampering.

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