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This New Year Gift Someone Something Special…

The festive season has officially kicked in. Tomorrow is Christmas eve and new year is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to gift your loved ones something special, something unique. No, no, we are not asking you to be a magi, we are just presenting some options here. You can pick something from here…

Indulge with gourmet coffee or classic wine 

End your festive meal with a glass of chilled wine or steaming coffee. Classic is offering a Classic range of gourmet coffee, Classic Mountain and Classic Arabica. Priced between R. 625-Rs. 770, this range is available at Namdhari’s, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Thom’s, Nilgiris etc., also online at,, If you  are not a coffee person and want to enjoy your evenings with a sip of wine, then you can pick from Four Season’s Barrique Reserve wine. However this product is priced differently for differet cities ( Rs. 1000 (Bangalore); Rs. 900 (Mumbai, Pune), Rs.900 (Kolkata), Rs. 1000 (Goa), Rs. 1000 (Delhi).

Warp the Scarf
A scarf can add an extra amount of zing and woomph to your outfit. Red Riding Scarves  has come up with a lot of options. We have picked 5 here. White Silk Scarf  (Rs 499), Blue Printed Scarf (Rs 399), Yellow Printed, Red and Beige Silk with Blue Print Scarfs (Rs 399).

Lit Up The Space

If your mom loves decorating your home, these lamps is a perfect gift for her. Wester Nesting Lamps are made up of using Mango & Sheesham Wood, available in various colors and size. The small sized lamp is priced at Rs 899/-, whereas the Medium and Large size are priced at Rs 999/- and Rs 1399/- respectively. To make your new year’s even more bright, a set of three lamps is available at Rs 2799/-.

A Touch Of Crochet 

Crochet is the new trend in fashion and Brand Astitwa is tapping it in their crochet style stoles. These colourful stoles can be a perfect gift for your friend. And if she loves potli, go for this red and beige handcrafted potli with intricate Kutch embroidery in solid colours with pink and green tassels. This piece is from OpenTrunk, priced at Rs. 4,688.00.

Comfy Footwear 

It’s time for some footwear shopping now and we are vouching for comfy, easy going style. Go for Vans Unisex Fluorescent Green Solid Sneakers (Rs. 3999), available exclusively Myntra. There are other options from this brand too, such as, Classic Toy Story Elevated Old Skool Buzz Light Year angle, Vans Classic Lites Collection and Classics Toy Story Elevated Era Aliens angle.

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