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Up Your Fashion Game With Neon Colours!

Neon colors are trending once again! Pastels were all over social media till last year, make way for some brighter shades. With eye-catching makeup, quirky shoes, and funky accessories, it’s time for some bold vibrant oranges, reds pinks, and yellows in your closet. Celebrities are now experimenting with an array of colors and styles for different day and night looks. All you need is much-needed confidence to go and conquer the world in your neon outfit. Below are the 5 best ways to incorporate neon colors into your daily look!

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  • Neon Skirts

A great way you can style neon is with bright colored skirts. Lacey or floral, pleated or mini skirts, lit colors paired with subtle girly blouses or tank tops can make you look cute. Black heels, ankle boots or flats will complete your neon look.

  • Neon At Work

For your workdays, add in some subtle neon if your dress code is too strict. If not, opt for eye-catching blazers or shirts tucked into black skirts. A good way to minimize the fluorescent in your outfit is by using other prints or stripes to cut through the color.

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  • Neon Accessories

Minimal accessories are key to pulling off the neon trend. If picking a neon-colored necklace or shoes, remember to go light / neutral with your outfit. Never match all your accessories into neon as they will only ruin your look.

  • Neon Gowns

Your neon colored gown is already over the top, so go easy with the shoes and jewelry to keep the focus on your outfit only. Dramatic makeup and swept back hair could make things interesting. Hollywood actresses are often seen pulling off neon colors on the red carpet.

  • Balance It Out

The key is to balance out neon colors with contrasting colors. It is necessary to understand what color combinations work for your skin tone. You can always color block two neon colors into your outfit as well. And if you can’t seem to find the right combo, work your neon with blacks or whites to balance out the look.


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