Why You Need To Pee After Sex

Why You Need To Pee After Sex

If you have a vagina, you might have told a thousand’s of times that you need to pee after sex. You may have even noticed that right after sex, you have the urge to pee! But all of these doesn’t mean that you need to jump off the bed and pee right after the main event end. Here are reasons on when you should do it and why you should and probably need to pee!

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1. Peeing helps to protect you

The way the whole female genital area is set up, it makes it rife for bacterial commingling and resultant UTI disaster! So you might wonder why you don’t get a UTI every time you have sex? Well the reason is your urine. It fights back by flushing the bacteria out through urination.

2. When exactly you need to pee


You need to pee after you are done having sex in order to flush out any bacteria hitching a ride up your urethra as a result of your previous delicious experience. Well you don’t have to rush to the bathroom as soon as you are done, but going within 30 minutes is recommended. Because if the bacteria reaches your bladder, you can start to have issues.

3. Maybe don’t pee before sex

You might have surely heard that you must pee before sex as well. However, this probably wouldn’t be the best decision. The reason behind this is that if you pee before sex, you bladder won’t be full when you need to pee after sex. So do not pee before sex and instead store it for post-coital flushing!

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4. The bottom line

The important thing to remember her is that it’s a good practice to pee after you have sex. It helps your body to flush out unwanted bacteria and as a result that’ll keep you healthy and protected. So the next time you are lying around, be sure to take a minutes bathroom break for your body’s future health.

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