Navratri Special: 10 Sweat-Proof Make-Up Tips For Garba

Keep worries of melting make-up aside by using these simple sweat-proof make-up hacks.

Navratri Special: 10 Sweat-Proof Make-Up Tips For Garba

Navratri seems bland without garba. Not only garba is a traditional dance performed on all the nine days of Navratri, it is also one of the best exercises for our body. Which means, one is bound to get extremely sweaty. It is a nightmare for all us to face sweat and look pretty at the same time. Here are 10 make-up hacks to achieve a sweat-proof make-up.


After a thorough face wash, towel-pat your face and simply run few cubes of ice on your face. This will mechanically tighten your skin pores, making it smooth, tight and sweat-proof for a while.

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After applying ice on your face, pat-dry it and instantly apply a suitable toner. Toner will ensure that the ice has done it pore-tightening job. Let it soak properly in your skin.



To have a good base for your base make-up, you must use a good primer. Opt for an oil control primer.It will help you achieve smoother application of base make-up and will help your make-up set properly on your face.

Translucent Powder

Make-up experts say to achieve a sweat-proof make-up, you must apply translucent powder under your foundation. This gives a matte base for the foundation to hold onto your skin. Opt for a slightly hued translucent powder so that it does not gives an unnecessary whiteness to your base make-up.

Setting Spray

To control oil and sweat on your face, use a setting spray right after your are done with your base make-up. A generous amount of spraying will ensure that your base make-up does not crack.

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Waterproof Products

Use waterproof everything unless you want to gee raccoon eyes if your sweat. Waterproof liner and mascara and smudge-proof kajal pencil will definitely save your day. If you want absolute fool-proof eye make-up, use smudge-proof kajal pencil or smudge-proof gel liner instead of liquid liner.

Line Your Lips

Due to sweat, lipsticks can melt away. Use a lipliner pencil or simply take a liner make-up brush, take a generous amount of your lip colour on it and outline your lips. Mostly, go for matte or powder matte lip colours; they do not melt away easily as opposed to satin or creamy ones.

Super Matter Liquid Lipsticks

Garba can go for hours. Experts suggest to apply a densely pigmented super matter liquid lip colour. These lip colours take a long time to come off as opposed to satin or cream-based lip colours. And since they are liquid, their application is precisely done. Very few chip off after few hours, but even when they do they leave behind a colour stain on your lips.

Oil Blotting Sheets

The biggest boon to the beauty industry would be that of the invention of oil blotting sheets/papers. No matter how much you try to go sweat-proof, you are bound to get sweaty after long hours of garba. So keep a small stock of oil blotting sheets handy. Just a few pats on the sweat-prone spots on your face will absorb all the sweat and oil and leave your face oil-free.

Carry Essentials

Garba or not, if you know you are going to sweat no matter how much try not to, keep a small kit of essentials handy, meaning – a small stack of tissue papers, one or two wet tissues, your lip colour and a kajal pencil for touch up. If your kajal smudges because of your natural face oil, or if your lipstick smudges after your eat, you will have a back for sure.

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