Moral Dilemma: Is It So Bad To Pursue Your Lust?

Moral Dilemma: Is It So Bad To Pursue Your Lust?

Have you ever felt a passionate connection with a person? More often than not, it’s physical chemistry that first attracts us to them. What if you feel that practically, a relationship won’t work out with them. What if you feel that as a matter of fact, you don’t even want a relationship? You beat yourself up and strangle your attraction until it dies. Why? Because our society has taught girls to suppress their sexual desires. However, female sexuality exists, not just after marriage. So if you are stuck in a moral dilemma about whether or not you should pursue a connection casually, here are some questions to ask yourself.

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1) Does it make me happy?

Everyone has the right to pursue happiness. You probably go on a romantic date with him, share a good conversation and a few sensuous touches. But there’s no relationship in the pipeline, yet. At the moment, all you know is you share a wonderful connection and he makes you super happy. Then why stop yourself?

2) Do I think this is “wrong”?

If you are emotionally detached enough and ready for casual dating, then what’s stopping you? Is there a voice at the back of your mind straining your conscience? Do you truly, genuinely feel this is okay? Only if you are truly a liberal and not a conformist-in-disguise, you will not regret it later.

3) What do I truly want?

Is this what you really want or are you just settling? Does it really make you happy or are you just filling voids? Remember, if deep down in your heart, love is what you are seeking, a casual connection will NOT satisfy you. It will only create a deeper hole in your heart. So analyse what you want before you proceed.

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Relationship Goals

Go for it if:

1) He respects you

2) He understands the meaning of consent and would go only as far as you are comfortable going.

3) He makes you happy.

4) Love is not what you are seeking at the moment.

5) It makes you feel empowered.

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