Why You Need To Add Metallic Shades To Your Make-Up Kit Now!

Glitter, shimmer or whatever, just take help of the metallic shades to add glam in your make-up.

Why You Need To Add Metallic Shades To Your Make-Up Kit Now!



The metallic look is quite the trend, but not everyone can get it right. Anisha Suvanra speaks to make-up experts to help you understand the dos and don’ts so that glitter and shine on you don’t come in the way of your gorgeousness. Make-up experts Sushma Khan and Akriti Kochar is telling you how to play with metallic shades…

Make-Up Tips

Shiny Lips, Sushma Khan

Create an outline with a pencil on your lips and start blending it from the centre, in an outwardly direction.

Value tips

Balance your metallic tones by adding coats of black mascara or a dark prominent eyeliner like black, brown, navy, purple or emerald green. Avoid applying metallic colours on the lower lash line, taking care to apply it sparingly on the eyelids. For those who like the idea of contacts, sport coloured lens like blue, green or grey.

Make-Up Tips

Metallic Eyes, Aakriti Kochar

Add a metallic shine to the inner corner of the eyes, making an inverted ‘V’. This is a very popular technique used to brighten the eyes and set apart close set eyes. Dab some colour with metallic hints on the centre of the eyelid to make it look brighter. Another metallic look option for your eyes is to use coloured eyeliners to accentuate their shape.


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