Master The Art of Strip Teasing With These Tips

Master The Art of Strip Teasing With These Tips

Striptease was coined by the French all the way back in the 90s. But now this popular foreplay and sexual act have gotten famous over the world. From movies to books, striptease scenes are a staple way of showing just how much sexual tension can be created with the help of dance, music and your body. Stripping for your partner can make things very interesting in your sex life especially when one of you is quite shy to new experiences. A good starting tip is to drag the process and make it as slow as possible, create sexual tension which is bound to end with either of you giving in to the pressure and have mind-blowing sex.

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Strip Teasing

First, You Have To Enjoy It Too!

Make sure you enjoy this striptease act as much as your partner will. The first thing you need to understand is if you’re doing it for them or for both of you. Just the thought of stripping for your partner should turn you on enough to set the mood. Enjoying yourself doesn’t have to be all prim and proper but instead a more fun and enjoyable experience that is memorable for both of you for a long time.

Practice Makes You Perfect!

Practicing your moves actually does make you better if not perfect enough. Practice your striptease moves in hiding (if its a surprise) or in front of the mirror. You can also start slow by accidentally grind on them when you pass by them in a public setting or at a party or walk around the house in skimpy clothes. That’s bound to turn them on anytime!

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Strip Teasing Tips

Something In The Way You Move!

Master the moves by making them sit in a chair and put on some much needed sexy music. Sit on their lap and grind your butt on them. Remove one piece of clothing as you walk around them, stroking and kissing as they sit waiting in anticipation. It doesn’t need to be a dance sequence as long as you both are panting by the end of the song ready to move on to eager sex.

Make Do With What You Have!

Do what works best for you. This isn’t a competition or a professional tournament so go on your own pace and style. Make your own unique dance style and even a special outfit (or roleplay if you both are into it) that will help you get the show started. You can brush up your knowledge of different techniques and styles that you can use in the bedroom. At the end of the day, you need to do what you feel most comfortable doing with your partner be it grinding and twerking on their lap or a slow blindfold lap dance. Things can get awkward but that’s the best way to remember the fun moments later on in bed.

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