Master The Art Of Tucking Your Shirt In!

Master The Art Of Tucking Your Shirt In!

Tucking in your shirts can be harrowing but also stylish. Did you know there are different styles of just tucking in your shirt or top that can make you look cooler? From a complete no-nonsense tuck to the super chic mullet tuck, here are some styles made just for your reference.

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Full Tuck

Easy as it looks, a full tuck is the most difficult to maintain. You need to understand how much you can tuck in without looking overdone or sloppy. When tucking in loose shirts or tops give some space as you tuck into your jeans or shorts. This will help balance the loose with a tucked in look right into your fitting bottoms. Formal shirts for work call for a tighter tuck just like some t-shirts. Opting for full tuck shows you mean business and can look good while still being a boss.


Cool and comfy, the half-tuck is just right for lazy people. Best with button downs, unbutton the shirt till it hits the waistband. Tuck in one part of it inside the bottoms while the other half lays out flapping in the breeze. Opt for slim jeans or pants or even leggings to show off your legs while drawing attention to your waistline.

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Navel Tuck

Just a small tuck to show off your jeans button or belt buckle, this navel tuck is cute and stylish with no efforts at all. Tuck your top in the general area of your belly button under the jean to show off your trendy style. You can try this on skirts jeans and practically any bottom to look fabulous in seconds.

Front Tuck

Also called as the front tuck or the mullet tuck style, this clearly takes the longest. Because if you don’t get this right then what’s the point of even trying it! The front tuck is meant to be casual and yet trendy with just the right amount of style. All you need to do is tuck in the front half of your top or shirt into the waistband of your bottoms while you leave the back half out. Careless and yet very carefully placed, this half in- half out look is quite eye-catching.

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