MakeUp Tutorial: DIY Pink-Winged Eyes

A quick and easy tutorial to achieve a bold and colourful eye make-up without looking tacky!

MakeUp Tutorial: DIY Pink-Winged Eyes

May it be to make your eyes look wide awake or to just lend that ‘oomph’ factor to them, kohl pencils and liners are a woman’s saviors perpetually. The bold black always does the trick just right, doesn’t it? Although, how about adding a pop of colour to your eyes? Ladies, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with bold and bright colours! Eccentric as it may sound, the colour will not fail you. A bright pink liner suits all complexions and adds an edge to your look. Here is a quick and easy method to look pretty while flaunting a winged liner in pink.

Products required

  • Eye shadow base
  • Brown, purple, golden and pink eye shadows
  • Pink Liquid Liner
  • Kohl Pencil
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Mascara

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  • Even out the texture of your eyelids

eye primer

To get rid of any pigmentation and reduce the appearance of wrinkles if any, apply a mattifying eye shadow base. Make sure that your face is well moisturized before hopping onto any step of make-up. The NYX Professional Makeup Eye Shadow Base in skin tone is one of the most efficient products of its kind and ensures your eye make-up to last longer.

  • Work with the shadows

pink purple

Fill in your crease areas with a brown eye shadow to add depth to your eyes. Sweep a layer of light-pink eye shadow all over your eyelids. Blend it well along the borders of the crease in order to gain a smooth transition from the brown to the pink. Add a pop of glittery purple shadow to the corners of your eye in a horizontal v-shape. Blend well to avoid any harsh lines. The smooth transition from the dark purple to the light pink would make your eyes look extremely dreamy. The Morphy Pro 35 Eye shadow Makeup Palette would be the best to use for this look. It has matte as well as shimmery shades and offers refreshingly bright colours to work with!

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  • The game-changer

pink eyes

This is where your eye game gets much more fun! Opt for an extremely bright pink eyeliner. Women have been raving about Dior’s It-Line Liquid Eyeliner in Hot Pink. Draw a neat line with it above your upper lash line and wing it out towards the outer corners of your eyes. This infusion of a hot pink or neon pink is going to draw a lot of attention to those Barbie doll eyes. Since a Dior product can be quite an expensive purchase, a life-saving hack would be to draw a line with a hot pink matte lipstick.

  • Smoke up the lower lash line


Apply kajal to your lower and upper waterline. The Maybelline Colossal Kajal has become the most obvious choice of kajal these days for most buyers. Its sky-scraping marketability and jet black pigmentation both make it an undoubtedly versatile product to buy. Apply a thin line of brown eye shadow below your lower lash line. This will balance out the make-up both above and below your eyes. Use a golden eye shadow to add a pop of glitter to the inner corners of your eyes. This adds an edge of freshness and sparkle to the eyes, thus making them look vibrant and wide awake!

  • Define your brows


Nothing can lift up your face like shaped brows. Sharpening your brows is essential as they give your face a certain kind of definition and confidence. The FACES Ultimate Pro Eyebrow Pencil does a great job at enhancing the eyebrows. Pick a shade that would suit your complexion and hair colour.

  • Add volume to your lashes

lakme mascara

Curl your lashes and add atleast two coats of mascara, both to your upper and lower lashes and see what magic this does. It instantly opens up your eyes and makes them look much bigger. The Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara is super affordable and efficient.

You have now achieved an extremely fun and experimental quirky pink winged-eye-make-up. Why don’t you ask your friends to try out the same? Wouldn’t they love trying out this super-fun look? If not, you must insist them to do so and who knows? They might actually like it. Go ahead and try this extremely daunting but eccentric and bold look and you can rest assured to have all eyes on you!

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