Makeup Tips: How To Flaunt A Dark Lipstick

These tips are sure to come handy!

Makeup Tips: How To Flaunt A Dark Lipstick

Want to go bold and bright with your make-up this season? Dark lipstick is the way to go! Full dark lips are sure to catch one’s eye and create a lasting impression. Here are a few tips to achieve a perfectly done dark lip!

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  • Get Rid Of Redness


A dark lipstick garners attention to any skin redness as well. Thus, get rid of skin redness by applying moisturizer and concealer in the affected areas.

  • Understand Your Complexion And Its Undertone

Lipstick Collage

Darker skin colours tend to have a warmer undertones while fair complexions have a cool undertone. However, undertones may vary in different seasons. To find out your undertone,flip your wrist and spot the colour of your veins. Green signifies warm undertones and blue signifies cooler undertones. Orange-reds and brown burgundy shades suit warm undertones while true reds and, fuscia pinks and berry reds and burgundies suit cool undertones.

  • Always Try A Shade On Before Buying


Trying the lip shade on is essential. Most stores do not offer the product for application on the lips. However, swabbing it on the back of your hand isn’t enough. Use a cutip to pick up the colour from the lipstick and apply it on your lips to check if it suits your complexion.

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  • Use A Lip Brush


Burgundy lipsticks can turn very flaky if not applied correctly. It is always better to apply darker lipsticks with precision. A lip brush gives you perfect control over the quantity of lipstick you apply and the way you apply it.

  • Apply The Lip Liner Towards The End


It is better to line your lips in the end and lending them a sharp borderline. You can line them in the beginning as well as towards the end.

Follow these steps and get set go!

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