How To Make A Small Balcony Cozy In These 10 Innovative Ways

If properly designed and decorated, the small balcony of your apartment can be turned into a cozy space for romantic dinner, a home office, a peaceful space to have one on one time! New Woman tells you how.

How To Make A Small Balcony Cozy In These 10 Innovative Ways

In today’s world of space crunch, balcony is often the most neglected space of an apartment, which is generally used as a store-room! We completely forget that this little space actually is our getaway to the outside world and we should use it in that way. But if properly used and carefully designed, this space can add warmth to your life, even with a little use of space saving decorating ideas, you’ll be able to turn your balcony in one of those areas that provides comfort and could become a place to have a romantic dinner! If you aren’t interested in that you might turn it into a little home office or a small garden. You’ll learn that even though balconies usually aren’t very spacious they could be functional and cozy anyway.

Here are some ideas you might want to consider designing your balcony:

Go vertical. Using balcony walls to hang pots or shelves on save might save you some space.

Consider using a fold down table. If you want your balcony to become your breakfast nook without losing its other functions that might be a way to go.

Keep it simple. A tiny balcony doesn’t need lots of furniture.

Combine things. A daybed could feature lots of storage under those cozy cusions.

Create privacy. Don’t forget to add curtains. They might also protect you from sunlight if neccessary.

Here are some wonderful and innovative ideas of re-decorating your small balcony…

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