Make-Up Manual To Look Like The Ultimate Seductress

Amp your seduction game up with sultry make-up!

Make-Up Manual To Look Like The Ultimate Seductress

Aiming for the exceptionally gorgeous and sultry look? Look no further than this make-up tutorial which will manage to make you look drop dead gorgeous! What’s better than turning up the heat by looking like an imprinting Femme Fatale? Follow these quick and easy make-up steps and you’re good to go!

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  • Flawless Base


moisturize your skin. Create a flawless base by using foundation and concealer. Set it with compact powder.

  • Mesmerizing Eyes


Get them mesmerizing eyes by doing a smokey-eye make-up. No surprise here, but start with a clean base. Follow the natural shape of your lower lash line to place a piece of tape strategically. Take an eye-shadow brush and using the 5th shade in the bottom row of the palette, blend it well on your eyelid. Now, take a little bit of the 6th shade and blend the edges while lightly dusting it on the crease as well. Take your eyeliner and make a line on your upper lash line, slowly dragging it to the edge of your eyes, along the tape. Slowly remove the tape and blend the liner into the shadow, softening the harsh edges left behind from the tape. Apply some mascara very carefully, making sure you don’t get any on your eye-shadow.  Apply kajal on your water-line. Make sure to use a very light hand for this.From a classic black to a colour-infused one, a smokey-eye never fails anybody!

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  • Cheeks


Chisel your features out by using a contour kit. Lend a natural glow to your face by highlighting it using a highlighter and give your cheeks a flush of colour using blush.

  • Lipstick


A nude lip is an ongoing trend which is in rage. It looks exceptionally sexy and efficiently balances out your intensely dark smokey eye as well as contouring with its muted tones.

There you go, you’re done!

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