How To Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Successful

Want to make your long-distance relationship stronger? Follow these steps and make it wonderful.

How To Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Successful

So your significant other is miles away from you and you’re feeling totally lost? Long distance relationships are difficult no doubt, but with patience, devotion and the right technology, nothing can stop you from making it work. Here’s how you can beat the distance…

1 Schedule talks: 
It isn’t possible to talk every day over the phone, especially if you’re in different countries or states. But what you can do is schedule your phone calls at a specific time every day or every alternate day – whatever is convenient for the two of you. Meanwhile, stay in regular touch via texts and instant messaging.

2 Keep stress at bay:
Brooding on and talking continuously about how much you miss each other and how hard it is to be apart will only stress you out. While it is sometimes nice to tell your guy that you miss him, don’t dwell on the sadness. Instead, update him on the day-to-day things as if he was right there with you, and keep things light.

3 Talk it out:
It’s bad enough that you have to spend so much time apart; what’s worse is fighting with your guy and then not being able to see or touch him. If you do end up locking horns over something, make sure you settle the matter while speaking over the phone, not via texts or instant messaging.

4 Surprise each other:
Plan a surprise trip once in a while to meet your significant other. Make sure that you know his schedule beforehand so you don’t end up interfering with his work plans. Surprise visits add sheer excitement in the relationship and help strengthen your compatibility.

5 Get intimate:
Put technology to good use and set up Skype dates, or just call your guy over the phone and indulge in some old-fashioned phone sex. This will help you maintain your bond and get you both keyed up for the next time you meet each other!


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