Make-up After A Fight With These Steamy Sex Positions

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Make-up After A Fight With These Steamy Sex Positions

You’ve kissed and made up after a fight, but that doesn’t mean you stop after a kiss. Makeup sex can be wild and rough, all that pent-up aggression can be let out in bed. Or it can be a sweet, slow and tender loving session that ends in cuddle time. Whichever your style is, makeup sex is a sure shot way of bringing you both closer as a couple. Work on these mind-blowing makeup sex positions and enjoy your night.

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  • Lazy Sexy Cuddles

Sexy Cuddles

This one is for the couple who like to enjoy their time in bed. It could involve lots of kissing and foreplay before actually getting down to the real deal. Lazy sex is good in its own way to create the mood, alleviate tension and most importantly enjoy your time with each other. For this lie on your sides align your partner’s hips with yours for the best fit. Enjoy pillow-talk and sweet nothings while you rock back and forth. Facing each other will help you see how well you match in bed as you reach the peak. A cuddle session is a good way to end this lazy position.

  • Another Oral Apology

Oral Apology

A good way to get back on your partner’s good side is to well get on their good side. By this we mean, you need to give them another kind of oral apology. Work on your partner’s body with your mouth, admiring and praising their body. Kissing, stroking and licking your lover’s body while letting them control you or you bossing them around is a good way to apologise.

  • Wall Sex

Wall Sex

A classic makeup sex position is the up against the wall pose. It’s natural, sexy and wild. There is just something primal about being pleasured while you’re pinned against the wall. With your back to the wall or a door, your partner can enter you easily. If he’s the strong type, he could actually lift you up with this arms while he takes you to another level.

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  • Wild, Wild, Wild

Wild Sex

After all that fighting, you need to get down and dirty. And we mean literally. Attack them with kisses and strokes, pin them on the floor and dominate them. We suggest the bed but you could always roll on the floor too! Fake angry sex can actually help you rant and vent without seeming mean. Communicate with your lover while you enjoy this much needed wild time.

  • SEXercise


Exercise is a good way to calm your mind down but sexercise is a fabulous way to get mind blown. Go for a tantric pose. As he sits cross-legged, align your core and wrap your legs around his waist and butt. Syncing your breathing and watch them while you both achieve (hopefully) simultaneous orgasms. Adding in some sex toys will spice things up in your show time.

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