How To Make 2019 A Meaningful Year For You

How To Make 2019 A Meaningful Year For You

As the New Year has just started you need to introspect: What was 2018 for you all about? How was it financially, with your family, health, social life and carrier? What did you learn out of it, what did change? Make your notes on that. Acknowledge what you have archived, understand what you have started and not finished yet.

If you look at this New Year, ask yourself “What I want it to be like?” Be realistic and look close and into all corners in your life: Your health, finances, family and social life, spirituality/ religion and profession. Imagine it how it can be in the best way possible?

Plan, plan, and plan

2019 A Meaningful Year

Set up your timer for five minutes, close your eyes and just imagine. And the more details you can see, feel and hear- the better! After the five minutes are over – now it is time to plan. Make your notes. Plan whatever is your control, independent of others. Plan the best year of your life. Be specific, make it independent from others, plan for every relevant category in your life (e.g. health, financials,…). Be precise and realistic. Furthermore be truthful, do not repeat the goals of others (which you mistakenly made your own).

Set monthly milestones

monthly milestones

So this is the big one: It is time to set up small milestones (targets), for each month. Every end of the month, sit and reflect on what you have done. See what went very good and what not, see and understand the reasons behind that too. Why were you successful/ why did you fail? You will have all the answers. Have a long-term vision, put it on a vision board and create small goals out of it.

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Add ‘why’

How To Make 2019 A Meaningful Year

We have found that adding a “why” to your goal statement helps. A why is a reason for achieving the goal. So if you are looking at losing weight, add a “because” and continue the line. For e.g., I want to lose 10 kilograms by 31 Mar 2019 because I want to feel healthy and fit. You may want to add as many “because” to your goal.

Find a partner

a partner

Find an accountability partner, who is interested in your well-being. The accountability partner may be your spouse, your friend, or a coach. Report back to your partner, your plan of action and your progress, and seek feedback. Just having an accountability partner has raised the probability of achieving goals by almost 60%. The reason being fear of not standing up to what we said we will do. We do not intrinsically love to commit and not deliver.

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Be realistic



Another great way to accelerate your goal is setting goals just outside the boundary and not too far. So if you have never exercised and want to lose weight, don’t write an extreme goal of losing ten kilograms in fifteen days. Be gentle with yourself. Make them achievable with a little stretch. Commit to achieving your goals, adjusting and reviewing with time.

Reward yourself

completion of goals

Finally, a celebration of the completion of goals has such a positive impact. It is the sense of achievement, a little pride in accomplishment that helps. We always make sure we talk about our achieving our goals with at least two people. That way, we reinforce our trust and faith in our own abilities. A must-do for any goal.

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