LOVE-SEX: How To Make The Most Of The Weekend With Your Bae

LOVE-SEX: How To Make The Most Of The Weekend With Your Bae

For most urban couples, weekdays often pass in a haze, with absolutely little or no time for each other at all. So, it is imperative that you make the most of the weekend when you are both off. The first and foremost thing to do in this case is to go easy on yourself and your partner. Don’t spend all your weekend working and finishing pending chores. Some of the tasks on your to-do list can actually wait. Instead, spend as much time possible with your partner in bed, or otherwise.

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Work together
Your partner and you make a team together. Be it doing household chores or cooking your meals, everything is more fun when done together. This can often spark the suppressed romantic feelings of togetherness between the couple. Of course, you will have friends dropping by, you will also need to go out and socialise. But decide together when you need to break away from the frenetic activities and take out time for each other.

Relax together
Once the day’s work is done with, take time out to, perhaps, take a warm bath with your partner. Give each other a good body massage, engage in an indulgent foreplay so both of you feel relaxed and can take your intimacy to the next level.

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Keep the friends busy
If you have friends staying over, a great idea is to get the entire flock together in one room by playing a favourite family flick or a cricket match. This will give you a chance to sneak away for a little sexy time. Remember to turn on the volume of the telly (meanwhile tell them you want to test those new speakers you just bought) and arrange a clandestine quickie with your partner. It cannot get more exhilarating than that!

Treat yourself to morning love
Sex hormones are at their highest and most playful early in the morning. Make the most of it by waking up your better half with a sweet nipping at his ear. If you must, set an alarm so you can have the hottest sex of your life before the whole house wakes up.

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