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For The Love Of Pencil Skirts!

A classic black pencil skirt – a clothing piece that can be both sexy and empowering is a must in every woman’s closet. Women usually associate pencil skirts with long days at work, formal meetings and very, very boring styles. It’s time to change that perspective by revamping your skirt styles. Every woman, of any shape and size, looks fabulous in these figure-hugging skirts. They can be combined with a variety of blouses, shirts, tops, jackets, sweaters, blazers, and any accessories or shoes you can find. They are now not only meant for work but also parties. Here are our favorite looks that you can rock with black pencil skirts in all lengths and patterns!

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Classic Shirt

Boring? Only if you let it! Pencil skirts, in general, are form fitting and work on enhancing your lower body curves. Pick out a dress shirt that equally highlights your upper body giving an hourglass figure. Wear it for an interview or impress the client with your sense of style in this look. Add some classic pumps, a pair of studs and voila! Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock is killing her plain black skirt with black dress shirt and heels. Fitted shirts and t-shirts with skirts are perfect looks for casual days.

Girly Blouses

Top your pencil skirts with loose blouses and frilly tops. Something over the top and trendy will help balance out the simple pencil skirt below in your outfit. You can also try peplum tops that define your upper body and lie loose at the waistline giving a break to your outfit. Since pencil skirts are usually in solid colors, opt for color blocking prints and colors for your tops.

Floral Vibes


Add much needed cheerful vibes with floral patterned tops and shirts. It’ll color block with your basic black skirt and draw attention to your top. Pair it with chunky accessories and heels to complete your look. For that matter, any prints or patterns can always make your black skirt look better.

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Graphic Tees

Wear your favorite t-shirt with your pencil skirt for a day out with friends. Graphic tees bring out the funky edgy style to your outfit and will make you look cooler any day. Team it with sneakers or ankle boots and get ready for a night out.

Jackets and Blazers

Need we say more? The best way to pull off a black skirt is to go simple with a tucked shirt and add a jacket or blazer for a workday. You can wear a long shrug or sweater jacket with your skirt for a night out with your friends or on a date night with your partner.

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