How To Lose Weight Without Actually Working Out

It's that easy!

How To Lose Weight Without Actually Working Out

Spending hours in the gym won’t make you a fit person. You can make a healthy balance with your work and lifestyle if you make the right fitness choices. Now, lose weight effectively with easy-to-do and fun exercises. Say yes to fitness goals!

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drinking water

  • Drink more water

Yes, everyone you seek weight loss advice from would always tell you this! Although soft drinks are made from water, they have unnecessary sugar and preservatives that do more bad than good. Drinking fresh water keeps you hydrated and boosts your metabolism, all while staving off excessive hunger and helping you eat only as much as required. It’s the most effective when drunk 30 minutes before a meal, so get your fanciest water bottle and sip!

smaller plates

  • Use smaller plates

Eating from smaller than normal plates helps you cut down on your portion sizes and a feeling of satisfaction post eating. A scientific research proved that people who ate from smaller plates that were red in colour tended to take smaller portions and didn’t go in for seconds. Surprised? This illusion of colour contrast makes you feel like your food portion is bigger than it actually is and helps you control overeating.


  • Fix your posture

Standing up with your back straight helps you build and tighten your abdominal muscles, which will help you achieve a flat tummy. Your core muscles will be exercised when you stand up, sit straight and avoid slouching throughout the day!


  • Walk the talk

An average person can lose and maintain their weight by walking for an hour every day; it’s the best and easiest form of cardio. Try to take the stairs wherever you’re going and walk short distances instead of hopping into a bus or rickshaw to get your blood flowing. With the right playlist, your walk won’t even feel like exercise!

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dancing 2

  • Dance your heart out 

Dancing is the most fun way to shed weight, you can agree to disagree! There are several forms of dancing like acrobatics and Zumba, that not only help you burn your calories but also help you in toning your body faster.  The key here is to move your whole body to a rhythm, which feels less like an exercise and more like a gala time!

playing instrument

  • Play a musical instrument

That’s right, playing a musical instrument helps you shed an incredible amount of weight! Pick up a pair of drum sticks or a violin, you can get a proper workout while playing these instruments. While playing violin, you could lose up to 175 calories an hour and while playing drums, you could lose an upward of 200 calories, which is as much as a cardio workout!

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