Lose Weight Without Spending A Penny

Welcome the more economical way of staying in shape!

Lose Weight Without Spending A Penny


To stay fit and beautiful always comes with burning a big hole in your pocket. Not anymore, as we show you six ways to lose that extra flab without spending a single penny.

  1. Drink water before meals

Woman drinking a glass of water

Do not substitute water with any other drink. Drink a glass full of water before your meals. Water is free of cost and having a glassful will help you take in fewer calories than usual. It will be highly effective for your weight loss program.

  1. Eat home-cooked food

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Regardless of what you do or where you work, always eat home-cooked food. This way, you will not only eat healthily and refrain from indulging in high-calorie food but also save those extra bucks.

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  1. Walk and jog 


Being fit and active is essential for losing weight. Indulge in rigorous walking and jogging and save money on the gymnasium fees. Go that extra mile to cut down on your flab!

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  1. Take the stairs


The best way to exercise your entire body is by climbing the stairs. Whether it is your home or workplace, avoid taking the lift. Always encourage yourself to indulge in some
physical activity.

  1. Indulge in healthy foods


Replace at least one meal of the day with a bowl of fruit or salad. They’re low in fat and calories and act as a great anti-oxidant. Most of all, it saves the cost of restaurant bills too.

  1. Say no to sweets


Learn a little self-control, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Cut down on your intake of sweets and you will get flattering results. Limit your sugar intake in coffee or tea too, and say no to soft drinks.

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