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Look Slim ‘n’ Trim In These 10 Blouse Designs

It is the time of year when Indian festivities will soon begin at full swing one after the other! You have been wearing the same casuals, semi-casuals, formals and semi-formals, but during festivals, being the typical Indian woman that you are, you want to wear the ultimate traditional wear of the country – the simple, humble saree. And at the same time, if you have miss out on some occasional counts of calories that you binge on during social gatherings and such, and have started worrying about the extra paunch or flab that you have develop, the question will arise, ‘How am I going to look thin in saree with this extra flab?’ Or what when your body-type itself is towards the heavier side? Worry not, friend… here are 10 simple blouse designs that will make you look thin.

Boat Neck


If you are genetically wide-hipped and cannot do anything about it, there is nothing better than a boat-necked blouse to compliment your hips. Yes, compliment! Also known as the bateau or the princess neckline, boat neck’s wideness not only does magic to your hips but also make your shoulders look lean and give a regal yet quaint air about yourself.

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Collar Neck


Probably one of the most sophisticated blouse designs, collar neck can do wonders by giving your neck some virtual height and making you look important. Beauty tip: go for a messy bun hairdo on a collar neckline.

Embellished Neck


An embellished neck line will grab all the attention to itself. We are not advising to make it all sparkly and glittery, but embroidery and beads will do great!

Deep And Wide Back



Give depth and width to your back. This will avert attention from heavy bottoms. It is sexy, demanding as well as graceful. Flaunt your sexy back. Don it with doris and latkans to accessories your blouse further.

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One Bold Design On The Back


If you have a flabby back and don’t want to don a deep-backed blouse, worry not, one bold design will do its magic. Let that be of zari, multicoloured threads, mirrors and beads, etc., a nice bold design on the back of blouse will grab all the attention and also will make a style-statement in the social gathering.

Ruffled Sleeves


Bring the retro mood back and throw in some nice ruffled sleeves. They block flabby arms and make them much less obvious. Take precaution of not over-doing the ruffles because too many of them will make your arms look bulgy. Try them on saree with contemporary or geometric designs.

Full Sleeves


Full sleeves can never go out of style, no matter which style of outfit you are trying on. Apart from saving you from cold weather, full sleeved blouses work for the whole body! They make your arms look amazing thin and give your saree-clad abdomen a slender look.

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Well Fitted ¾th Sleeves


There are times when not-so-well-starched cotton sarees simply resist staying properly on you, and even if they do, they become very difficult to handle after few hours of draping them. Go for a well-fitted blouse ¾th sleeves. They are simple yet to elegant and will never disappoint you.

Semi-Puffed Sleeves


When you want to dazzle in that nice silk Kanjeevaram saree but are worrying about your not-so-toned arms then go for semi-puffed sleeved blouses. Lightly puffed on your shoulders but well-fitted around your arms, these blouse will give the sharp and confident traditional look you can easily pull off with ace.

Colour-Blocks Or Bold Prints


If you want to pull off that contemporary and/or geometric designed or the mono-hued saree without looking flabby, go for colour blocks or bold-prints for your blouse. These designs will grab all the attention and give you an elegant and fun look. They even steal attention from heavy bosom.

Photo Courtesy- Triveni Sarees 

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