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How To Look Perfect At Post-Work Garba

Who doesn’t like to go for a garba event – socialise with people around, dance till our heart’s content and do mental-binge on the amazing festive vibes! But at the same time, having a long day at work makes you tired, and this may dampen your garba-spirits. Worry not because here are 5 simple and absolutely easy steps to achieve not only an ultimate rejuvenated face but also a rejuvenated you.

Clear Your Face 

The first most thing you must do as soon as you reach home is to remove your day’s make-up. You can use a make-up remover or a cleansing milk solution to do so. You can also for virgin coconut oil for the same as it has antioxidant properties, which means you not only get a natural make-up remover but also a way of taking care of your skin by default.

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Face Wash And Scrub 

With a face wash suitable for your skin type, thoroughly wash your face. Post that, never forget to scrub your face. The best option for a quick but gentle scrub would be a homemade scrub made of coffee powder (medium coarse), milk, sugar and turmeric. Coffee is a good natural exfoliator, turmeric is an antiseptic and antibacterial, milk helps you wash oil-soluble dirt and moisturises your skin naturally and sugar nourishes and makes your skin smoother.

Quick Shower

Go for  quick shower to wash off not only dirt and sweat but also physical stress. A quick shower will de-stress your body and regulate your blood flow. Opt for a good aromatic body wash that will not only cleanse your body but also soothe your mood.


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Sip On A Healthy Potion

It is mandatory for every Indian to sip on a hot cuppa coffee or tea to de-stress himself/herself. So, don’t stop yourself, but go for a no-milk tea instead. You can add so many goodies such as spearmint leaves, cinammon, ginger, lemon, etc in it. The first sip will definitely make you hum and sigh in content.

Power Nap 

This is the ultimate rejuvenation technique! Taking a 15 to 20-minute power nap does wonders by – letting you relax your muscles, regulating your blood circulation, keeping you away from worldly things for sometime and the best thing it does is bring back the natural glow on your face. There… you are ready to start getting ready for a power-pack garba night!

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