Look Beautiful In These Regal Sarees

An ancient textile, Banarasi sari has stood the test of time making it a true classic. It has seen many adaptations, incorporating aesthetics from dominant design trends of the many cultures it graced and dressed. This ability to adapt to market design influences makes it highly relevant to our modern Indian dressing.

Look Beautiful In These Regal Sarees



Extravagance re-defined. These work of art pieces can be best described like that. Banaras (now Varanasi) has long been famous for its Brocades and Sarees. The exquisite fabric was produced by wearing with warp & weft threads of different colours and often of different material. It appears from ancient texts that in the early days, gold and silver threads used to be made to such a fine quality that they could be woven into the fabric of pure gold or silver.

Today’s fashion trends are based on the revival of the traditional patterns and mixing them with modern colour and style sensibilities. Intricate floral and foliate, Kalga and bel, Jhallar can often be seen on the borders of modern Benarasi Saris. The names of the saris are kept as per the motifs or patterns are woven in them. To name a few- Pure silk (Katan), Organza (Kora), Brocade sari, Jamdani sari, Chiffon Jamdani sari, Jangla saree, Kora cut work saree, Resham buti saree, Satin border saree, Satin embossed saree, Tanchoi saree, Tissue saree, Cutwork saris.

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Photo Courtesy – Shakunt Weaves By Triveni Sarees House 


FASHION NOTES: With Model & Actress Elena Fernandes