How To Look Absolutely Glam This Monsoon

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How To Look Absolutely Glam This Monsoon

It’s a known fact that summers and monsoons are a makeup junkie’s biggest nightmares as they’re the nemesis of perfect makeup. With monsoon approaching, stepping out of the house with a perfectly contoured face is just out of the question as a light shower from the sky will make it super streaky and you’d look like you stepped right out of a horror movie. Don’t let it be that way! A few alterations will make sure your makeup looks flawless this monsoon.

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  • During monsoons, try to avoid using foundation. If you still want some coverage, opt for powder foundations that won’t slide off your face in the rain.


  • For your eyes, less is more! Keep your eyeliner subtle and neutral eyeshadow shades like pink and brown mattes for your eyes. Make utmost use of waterproof mascara so it doesn’t create streaks running down your face.


  • Keep your lips subtle and soft! Choose nude or pink shades which have a matte finish that won’t crease and stay put all day.


  • Avoid being experimental with your hair because the humidity and rain aren’t your best friends this season. Stick to something that looks good on you and requires minimal effort.


  • Rub an ice cube on your face after taking a bath to keep your skin hydrated and prevent sweating as well as oil from clogging your pores.


  • Use water-based moisturizers instead of oil or cream based to hydrate your skin without adding extra weight to your skin.


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